About us

Hydro-Ressources Inc. is a professional services company working in mining hydrogeology, but also in general hydrogeology. The firm has unique expertise in operational dewatering, either in the open or underground mines. In recent years, projects have been carried out on behalf of several worldwide companies, including projects in Canada, United-States, Mexico and Africa.

Since its founding in 2011, Hydro-Ressources and his staff are working to develop and improve approaches to optimize the dewatering of mines and to characterize the hydrogeology in fractured rock medium. In particular, we adapted a method, with the use of tracers, that locates preferential flow zones in the rock, and quantifying (flux, flow and hydraulic conductivity). This technique, which we call Profile Tracer Test (PTT), has been used in several mines since 2014, and the results are impressive.

Our firm uses instruments and software on the cutting edge of technology, including coupling the PTT with vertical flow profiles (VFP) in drill holes. We use electromagnetic flowmeters that are particularly sensitive and more accurate than conventional propeller flow meters (spinner log). Employees have access to the latest software versions, including Feflow 7, that incorporates a completely unstructured 3D mesh to facilitate and improve the digital simulation process. Our models are designed in 3D using the Leapfrog Hydro software.

Hydro-Ressources always strives to do more for its customers and to stand out from its competitors worldwide.