Arianne Resources project

Arianne Resources is a mining company which carries out the development of a mine of phosphorus and titanium. The main property of the company is located in the Monts Valin and specifically in the Chute-des-Passes area.

The intervention of the Hydro Resources firm was to perform the analysis of hydrogeological impacts of open pit project on the environment and the calculation of dewatering rate. Therefore, the aim was to assess what will be the effect of the mine on the level of the surrounding water table and rivers close to the mine.

The digital computer simulation is probably the key element of such an analysis. Among other things, Hydro Resources has used the software FEFLOW hydrogeological appearance and MIKE SHE for hydrological appearance. The analysis was supported by several field work, including the drilling of boreholes, construction of a water-well and performing pumping tests, tests of achievement with shutters and finally flow measurements rivers using tracers.

Ress Arianne