DeBeers – Victor mine

DeBeers – mine Victor


DeBeers operates a diamond deposit at Victor mine since 2008. The kimberlite chimney that forms the deposit is located in a particularly permeable host rock. Indeed, the country rock is composed of fractured limestone with significant presence of karst. Dewatering rate by the end of 2015 was around 20 000usgpm.

Hydro-Ressources has acted as a contractor for the company Forages LBM to optimize dewatering. Our role in that project was to perform profil tracer tests and speed profiles in order to locate contrasting flow zone. So before building an expensive well, it was possible to define the position of the strainer, the well depth and diameter.

Our tests have enabled to optimize the construction of a well that can produce over 14 000usgpm, so almost the total flowrate needed to dewatered the mine.