Detour Gold project

Detour Gold is a mining company that is developing an open pit gold mine in the Detour Lake area, northeast Ontario. Detour plans to become the largest gold mine in Canada and operation has been underway since 2013.

The intervention of the Hydro-Ressources firm was connected to the water management of the site, in both groundwater and surface water. Therefore, the goal was to planned the problematics that could occur, in short and long term, in the dewatering process and the drainage of surface water. It was also required to validate the incoming inflows to ensure a proper sway with the water needed for the process. Hydro-Ressources acted as a subcontractor for the company Technosub in this project.

Hydro-Ressources have mostly performed interpretations and analysis using available data. During the analysis, it was required to evaluate the flow from the till as well as the rock dewatering strategies, considering the presence of historical underground gallery.