Excellon Resources – La Platosa

Excellon Resources is a Canadian company that operates a silver mine in Durango region in Mexico. The company currently mine at a depth of about 140m and the water table is located about 130m deep. In areas located under the roof of the water table, water leaks are major and the pumping rate in early 2016 was 17 000usgpm. A dewatering project is underway and the goal is to increase the pumping rate to 28 000usgpm. For this project, a sequence of underground wells is under construction. Technosub company performs the installation of pumps in the mine.

Hydro-Ressources is in charge of this dewatering project. Since 2014, our involvement is multiple, and includes: analysis of available data, conducting pumping tests, conducting tests with shutters, profile tracing tests, speed profiles in some holes drilling, etc.

All this work allows us to locate wells, identify locations to build pumping dedicated galleries, and to recommend the installation rates of pumps.