General hydrogeology

Hydrogeology is a science that studies the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks. This water comes from precipitation of rain water through the soil to complete its way into waterways.

Groundwater is very useful and of great value, as a municipal and commercial perspective. Indeed, in Quebec, this water is usually potable without any treatment prior to distribution. It is attractive from a monetary point of view for municipalities in comparison with treated surface water that requires major investments and significant recurring charges.

In other cases, groundwater is a problem. Particularly in mining, it may cause delays in the mining operation and stability problems on pit walls. Operational mine dewatering is also our great specialty.

The main specialties of Hydro-Ressources in hydrogeology are:

– Mine dewatering

– Profile Tracer Test (PTT)

– Velocity Flow Profile (VFP) in boreholes

– Groundwater supply

– Estimate protection areas for wells

– Numerical simulation by finite elements and differences

– Regional tracing tests

– Hydrogeological studies of various kinds