Goldcorp – Eleonore project

Goldcorp recently started operation of the Éléonore mine, located in the territory of James Bay. This is an underground mine that will have a depth of about 1 400m. Currently, the exploration shaft has been carried out to a depth of 690m and the production shaft and the ramp are in construction (about 900m). Goldcorp is also in analysis process to recover the crown pillar via an open pit mining

Goldcorp seen significant water infiltration in some areas of the mine. The contribution of Hydro-ressources is therefore to support the company in the control of water and/or dewatering.

Several investigation campaigns were carried out in the field, allowing, in particular, to assess the relationship between surface water and groundwater. Indeed, Opinaca reservoir is located above a portion of the deposit. To do this, the filtration flux tests were performed as well as some tracer tests.

In 2014, several tests were conducted underground to characterize some networks fractures and in 2015, a series of profile tracer tests were carried out on the Opinaca Reservoir in order to know the extension of the sub-vertical faults. A particular tracer test demonstrated a clear link between some fault zones. Building a digital model using the FEFLOW 7 software is underway. In this model, Hydro-Ressources uses 3D mode with unstructured mesh and the Leapfrog software for generating 3D mesh.