Renard Mine Dewatering (Stornoway)

Dewatering at Renard Mine (Stornoway) is more complex than expected. As the water table doesn’t react as predicted by the models, Hydro-Ressources performs Profile Tracer Tests in order to better define the faults of the site and the underground flows that take place.

Ongoing field campaign at La Platosa

Hydro-Ressources is currently doing some important underground field work to gather hydrogeological data in La Platosa mine (Mexico). A total of 12 holes have been drilled and tested on two differents areas. These tests includes Velocity Flow Profil (VFP), pump test and packer test coupled with core logging. Aproximately 10 more holes needs to be drilled. All these datas will be used to identify the water-bearing structures in order to define four new pumping wells location.