Underground water protection

As groundwater is a resource of inestimable value, it is required to protect it adequately. The case of Walkerton, Ontario, for which residents died because of bacterial contamination is a case that should be a lesson to all operators.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDEP) to put into effect in 2002, a regulation (RCES), which requires groundwater operator to determine the alimentation and protection areas of catchment well. To do this, a range of methods exist. On the other hand, these methods do not all have the same precision and the result can lead to significant uncertainty. Thus, the MDDEP has published a guide that allows firms to choose better and appropriate method for estimating these areas. Mr. Verreault, President of Hydro-Ressources, is one of the authors of this guide.

The numerical simulation is an effective method to estimate water-well protection areas. This method includes integrating several factors inherent to the aquifers that other simpler methods do not. Hydro-Ressources can guide you on good practices related to the protection of groundwater.