Ville de Saguenay project

The city of Saguenay is partially supplied in water by groundwater wells and the remaining of the water is coming from surface rivers and treatment facilities. However, since 2010, several works were required on the treatment facilities and it was required to assess the possibility to supply the remaining of the city (120 000 persons) with groundwater.

A part of the city is actually supplied by groundwater in the area of Laterriere. The aquifer is composed of sand and gravel of more than 65m of thickness. The aquifer extend from the St-John Lake to La Baie area, on more than 45km long. As the wells efficiency in this area is important, it was decided to investigation additional options in this area.

During this project, Hydro-Ressources assessed and gathered all the information. Afterward a drilling campaign was done by drilling 11 observation wells. Based on drilling results, HR have recommended to build a first large well in the SE part of the Laterriere area: a 600mm diameter well of 65m depth.

This first well drilled showed impressive yield, and one additional similar well was built. At the end of the project, 3 wells were built, having all 600mm of diameter. All the wells showed impressive yield with capacity of supplying more than 69 000 l/min on peak time and 44 000 l/min on average.

The global budget of this project was of 55M $ CAN, including all the piping network. However, the hydrogeological budget was of 1.2M$.

ville saguenay