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Hydro-Ressources Inc. est une compagnie de services professionnels œuvrant dans le domaine de l’hydrogéologie minière et de l’hydrogéologie générale. Notre firme possède une expertise unique en dénoyage opérationnel dans les mines à ciel ouvert ou souterraines.

Mining Hydrogeology Experts

Hydrogeology is a science that studies water in land. This water, which comes from the precipitation of rainwater, circulates in the ground to end up in the waterways.

Patented methodology

Profile Tracing Test (PTT)

A profile tracing test is an application recently adapted by our firm. The concept is very simple; it consists of mixing a tracer as uniformly as possible in a single open hole (for example, a diamond drill hole for exploration). Once the tracer is mixed in the hole, the concentration is measured at different time periods in the same vertical borehole. Concentration profiles are created and the concentration variations indicate the location of the natural active flow zone. In fact, when the concentrations decrease, it means that a flow is present.

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We have carried out projects for companies in Canada, United States, Mexico and Africa.

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