Hydro-Ressources Inc. is a professional services company working in the field of mining hydrogeology, but also in general hydrogeology.

A unique expertise

The firm has unique expertise in operational dewatering, whether in surface or underground mines.

Hydro-Ressources always strives to do more for its customers and to stand out from its competitors worldwide.

Our history

Since its founding in 2011, Hydro-Ressources and its staff have been working to develop and improve approaches to optimize mine dewatering and to properly characterize the hydrogeology in fractured rock environments.

In particular, we have adapted a method which, with the use of tracers, makes it possible to locate preferential flow zones in the rock, and to quantify them (flux, flow rate and hydraulic conductivity). This technique, which we call Profile Tracer Test (PTT), has been used at several mines since 2014 and the results are impressive.

State-of-the-art instruments

Our firm uses state-of-the-art instruments and software, in particular by coupling PTTs with vertical velocity profiles (VFP) in boreholes.

We use electromagnetic flowmeters that are particularly sensitive and much more precise than conventional propeller flowmeters (spinner log).

Employees have access to the latest versions of software, including Feflow 7, which incorporates completely unstructured 3D meshing to facilitate and improve the digital simulation process. Our models are designed in 3D using Leapfrog Hydro software.

Dewatering Inc.

Dewatering Inc. is a company founded in 2021, headquartered in the state of California. Indeed, the geographical location of the company ensures a timely presence for customers in the United States. Dewatering Inc, works in the same spheres of activity.

Our team

Michael Verreault
Hydrogeologist – President
Thierno Bah
Director of Operations
Amadou Oury Diallo
Ingénieur Minier

Patented methodology

Profile Tracing Test (PTT)

A profile tracing test is an application recently adapted by our firm. The concept is very simple; it consists of mixing a tracer as uniformly as possible in a single open hole (for example, a diamond drill hole for exploration). Once the tracer is mixed in the hole, the concentration is measured at different time periods in the same vertical borehole. Concentration profiles are created and the concentration variations indicate the location of the natural active flow zone. In fact, when the concentrations decrease, it means that a flow is present.


We have carried out projects for companies in Canada, United States, Mexico and Africa.

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