Tracer tests

Groundwater and surface water tracer tests involve injecting a substance into the water (a tracer) and tracking it in time and space. This is a specialty that is particularly underdeveloped by most consultants, and Hydro-Ressources makes it a priority.

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Relevance of tracing tests

Tracing tests provide information of incomparable quality. In particular, they make it possible to define the links between different places on a territory, the flow rate of groundwater and the dispersive properties of a geological medium.

The main advantage of tracer tests is that the result minimizes assumptions. Indeed, a converging tracer test towards an underground water collection well confirms, beyond doubt, the link between the injection point and the collection well.

Profile Tracing Test (PTT)

Patented methodology

A profile tracing test is an application recently adapted by our firm. The concept is very simple; it consists of mixing a tracer as uniformly as possible in a single open hole (for example, a diamond drill hole for exploration). Once the tracer is mixed in the hole, the concentration is measured at different time periods in the same vertical borehole. Concentration profiles are created and the concentration variations indicate the location of the natural active flow zone. In fact, when the concentrations decrease, it means that a flow is present.

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