Groundwater supply

Groundwater is a resource of often incomparable quality and value. Indeed, in Quebec, it can often be exploited without requiring treatment. Therefore, the capital and operating costs are much lower than those of surface water treatment.

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A significant amount of food projects

Hydro-Ressources personnel have carried out a large number of groundwater supply projects for municipalities and businesses. For the vast majority of the projects carried out, the results have been positive. In particular, we have worked on the largest water supply projects in the province of Quebec. In a few cases, the pumped flows exceeded 40,000 l/min. These are significant amounts of water that have saved the operators involved millions of dollars in capital and operating costs.

Profile Tracing Test (PTT)

Patented methodology

A profile tracing test is an application recently adapted by our firm. The concept is very simple; it consists of mixing a tracer as uniformly as possible in a single open hole (for example, a diamond drill hole for exploration). Once the tracer is mixed in the hole, the concentration is measured at different time periods in the same vertical borehole. Concentration profiles are created and the concentration variations indicate the location of the natural active flow zone. In fact, when the concentrations decrease, it means that a flow is present.

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