Hydrogeology is a science that studies water in land. This water, which comes from the precipitation of rainwater, circulates in the ground to end up in the waterways.

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Groundwater is a resource of often incomparable quality and value. Indeed, in Quebec, it can often be exploited without requiring treatment. Therefore, the capital and operating costs are much lower than those of surface water treatment.

Groundwater and surface water tracer tests involve injecting a substance into the water (a tracer) and tracking it in time and space. This is a specialty that is particularly underdeveloped by most consultants, and Hydro-Ressources makes it a priority.

As groundwater is a resource of inestimable value, it is necessary to protect it adequately. The case of Walkerton in Ontario, where residents died as a result of bacteriological contamination is a case that should serve as a lesson to all operators.

Numerical simulation consists of the use of specialized software to understand and analyze the behavior of groundwater.

Hydro-Ressources specializes in hydrogeology applied to mining. This expertise is divided into three main parts, namely 1) the analysis of the impacts caused by the presence of a mine on the environment, 2) the dewatering of a mine and 3) the analysis of soil or water. contaminated in a mining environment.

Spheres of activity

The main spheres of activity of Hydro-Ressources in hydrogeology are as follows:

  • Mining dewatering
  • Profile tracing tests
  • Velocity profile in boreholes
  • Groundwater supply
  • Estimation of catchment works protection areas
  • Numerical simulation by differences and finite elements
  • Regional Tracer Trials
  • Hydrogeological studies of various kinds

The value of groundwater

Groundwater is of great use and value, both from a municipal and commercial point of view. Indeed, in Quebec, this water is generally drinkable without any treatment being required before its distribution. It is therefore attractive from a monetary point of view for municipalities compared to treated surface water, which requires major investments and significant recurrent costs.

The disadvantages of groundwater

In other cases, groundwater is a problem. In particular, in mines, it can cause delays in the mining operation and stability problems on the walls of the pits. Operational mine dewatering is our great specialty.

Profile Tracing Test (PTT)

Patented methodology

A profile tracing test is an application recently adapted by our firm. The concept is very simple; it consists of mixing a tracer as uniformly as possible in a single open hole (for example, a diamond drill hole for exploration). Once the tracer is mixed in the hole, the concentration is measured at different time periods in the same vertical borehole. Concentration profiles are created and the concentration variations indicate the location of the natural active flow zone. In fact, when the concentrations decrease, it means that a flow is present.

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