Michael Verreault
Hydrogeologist – President
Michael Verreaul holds a bachelor's degree in geological engineering and a master's degree in hydrogeology. Mr. Verreault's master's topic dealt with the protection of groundwater in a complex environment. The latter has developed particular expertise in tracing tests in underground and surface water and also with the use of numerical modeling by finite elements and differences. Being a hydrogeologist, Mr. Verreault has obviously carried out a multitude of underground water supply projects throughout the province of Quebec. He carried out the design and analysis of wells pumping up to 40,000 l/min and able to supply more than 60,000 people. In recent years, he has mainly worked in the mining sector, carrying out projects on a global scale. In particular, he adapted the profile tracing test method, which makes it possible to locate contrasting flow zones in a fractured rock environment. Mr. Verreault is a particularly pleasant person to work with and clients greatly appreciate his simplicity in carrying out small or large-scale projects. The latter is always looking for the best possible solution and offers innovative ideas that allow customers to save and optimize. The honesty and quality of the service offered remain his main concerns.
Thierno Bah
Director of Operations
Thierno BAH holds a master's degree in geology from the University of Starsbourg in France and an environmental engineering degree from the Agronomic Institute of Guinea. Thierno BAH's training is that of a geologist, with a good knowledge of geophysics. During his studies in Strasbourg, he learned to apply different methods of analysis and to work independently at the interface of different disciplines linking observations, data analysis and modelling. His Master's internship aimed to study the partition of elements of economic interest (Ni, Sc) within the alteration of laterites in New Caledonia. His work demonstrated a remarkable capacity for learning and an excellent knowledge in the fields of petro-geochemistry and geology in the broad sense. Over the past 5 years, Mr. BAH has successfully conducted fieldwork in mining hydrogeology in various underground sites or open pit mines in Canada, the United States and Mexico. He has also developed serious skills in data interpretation, database systems and 3D software such as Datamine Discover.
Amadou Oury Diallo
Ingénieur Minier
Holder of a degree in Mining Engineering (OIQ membership no. 5092056) and with more than 15 years of experience in various fields of engineering in quality control of materials, Amadou Oury Diallo joined the Hydro-Ressources team in October 2020. Considering Hydro-Ressources Inc. as his home, his mission is to contribute to its expansion throughout the world, more particularly in the African continent considered as a mining scandal. Amadou is a dedicated employee, in search of knowledge and has a concern for a job well done. Hydro-Ressources is blessed and proud to have him on its team.
Cécile Fehr
Cécile holds a bachelor's degree in Earth sciences and a master's degree specializing in natural hazards. His interests for the environment and water resources have led him to evolve within the Hydro-Ressources team for several years. She mainly works on themes in hydrology, hydrogeology and environmental expertise. Cécile is always ready to start a new project and delivers impeccable work on time. His professionalism is to his credit.
Alain Verreault
Senior Site Technician
Alain has a DEC in electronics and has worked for the company for over 9 years. He is involved in mining projects around the world as a site technician. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish which is an asset for projects in Mexico, Central America and South America.
Pier-Olivier Gilbert
Stagière étudiant en génie géologique

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